Wagons for rent

Type of service - meant to provide the rail cars for rent, for transportation of goods in individually designed route and timing of the relevant plan of cargo.

Rental rail cars starts with the arrival of the car at the destination station customer specified, all rates and fees paid by the owner of cars, in this case, LLP "Shyngar Trans" At the end of the rental cars, rental period is stopped with the arrival of the car at destination specified in the instructions, the cargo sends car at your destination according to the instructions sent by the account manager, with rates and fees paid by the cargo owner (customer).

Types of rental cars:

  • Covered (transportation of all kinds of goods, not required special conditions of carriage)
  • ICT (thermos) (transportation of goods requiring special conditions - perishables)
  • Cement (specialized - for transportation of cement)
  • Tanks (transport - liquid cargo)
  • Platform (transport - transport equipment hoisting)